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Metolius Artisan Tea

 Discover extraordinary chai, lattes, matcha, loose leaf teas, & syrups.


Metolius crafts an extraordinary tea experience for our customers.

Metolius Tea wants to overflow your cup with beauty— and to ensure everything inside your cup adds to the goodness of the world. We partner with owner operated farms who use organic, small production practices. We approach each plant as a whole personality, with flavor, medicinal actions, texture, temperature, and history. Each ingredient plays off the others to create an extraordinary palate experience.

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Wholesale Tea

Chai, matcha, specialty syrups, oatmeal, and loose leaf, sachet and iced teas.

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Tea For Home

Chai, matcha, black, green and herbal teas perfect for gifts and home.


Beautiful. Ethically Sourced. Clean & Organic.

Experience full-bodied chai, delightful matcha latte, sweet specialty syrups and our signature soothing teas. 


Metolius Chai

Our flagship chai concentrate, Metolius Chai is an all organic, creamy elixir of cardamom, fresh ginger, and cracked pepper, velvety sweet, handsomely caffeinated, with warming notes of cinnamon and cayenne.

Wholesale Tea Sets

Opening a new coffee shop or looking to up your tea game at an existing location? Our wholesale tea collections are the perfect place to start. Collections include our best selling products price 10% below wholesale.


You do coffee.

We'll do the tea.

Bonus: includes free shipping nationwide with a wholesale membership. Boom.



Metolius crafts an extraordinary tea experience for coffee shops, cafes, bakeries and home based customers across the US. We’ve been brewing our full-body all-organic ginger Metolius Chai, small batch specialty syrups and blending stunning loose leaf teas and vibrant matcha since 2011. Woman owned in beautiful Bend, Oregon, we’re tea aficionados and coffee lovers the same.


Wholesale Tea


Metolius Tea provides wholesale tea for coffee shops, cafes and bakeries. Request a free sample below to try Metolius Tea for yourself. I mean, why not?

Not only is our tea service top-notch, our wholesale customer service is unbelievably fast and friendly. It's time you had a better tea partner.



To great fan fare we introduced the Wholesale Membership in 2020 to help our coffee shop partners reduce their costs. Simply subscribe and receive free shipping nationwide on all orders over $100.

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Be proud of your

Coffee & Tea.

As your tea partner, we care as much about tea as you do coffee. 'Bout time.

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We are so stoked for the new Wholesale Membership program… the bonus of free shipping is a huge help to us to ensure we always stay stocked up!

- Vigilante Coffee, Maryland


The Metolius Chai is crazy popular. There’s a consensus around here that it’s easily the best chai in Portland.

- Nossa Familia Coffee, Oregon