Meet Spring Alaska, our lavender farmer!

What is special about our lavender?

Spring's tends to her 900 organic lavender plants right here in Central Oregon. She hand-harvests and nurtures a symbiotic relationship between her bees and her lavender. 

How does lavender help bees?

Because this lavender is pollinated by local bees, it supports the health of our bee population and drinking our lavender teas might curb some seasonal allergies.  Spring also makes honey from her on-site bee population.

Why does lavender grow so well here in Central Oregon?

Our volcanic, sandy loam soils that drain well are similar to lavender's native soils in the Mediterranean. Furthermore, we are at a comparable latitude. 

What are lavender's medicinal properties?

Lavender is gently calming and lightly astringent.

How can I find out more about Spring Alaska?

Spring Alaska is a Native American entrepeneur and herbalist, the owner-founder of Sakari Botanicals. She grows and wildcrafts a variety of other herbs for Metolius Teas, including rose hips, elder berries, chamomile, and red clover. Check her out here:

Which Metolius Teas have Spring's beautiful lavender?

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