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"We are so stoked for the new membership program Metolius is offering - as a small business with a standing order each month, we sometimes have to place additional orders because the chai is so DELICIOUS and we never want to run out! These savings and the added bonus of free shipping will be a huge help to us to ensure we always stay stocked up!"


Vigilante Coffee 


"We are so excited that Metolius took our feedback and concerns to heart and created the perfect solution to eliminate our shipping expenses in a way that works out for everyone! It’s such a relief to know that any of our cafes can order from them whenever they need chai without worrying about the added shipping charges."


Grand Central Bakery


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Since 2012, Metolius Tea has been a woman-owned American tea company in Bend, Oregon crafting exceptional teas, chai, matcha, syrups and oatmeal for our wholesale tea customers and your home.

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