WS Metolius Chai

WS Metolius Chai

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Metolius Chai is an all organic, creamy elixir of cardamom, fresh ginger, and cracked pepper, velvety sweet, handsomely caffeinated, with warming notes of cinnamon and cayenne. 


Sprinkle on some Cardamom Rose Garnish for extra ooh la la!

  • Mix 1 oz chai to 7 oz warm or cold milk.

    Shelf stable for 6 months; use within 2 weeks after opening

    21 mg of caffeine per serving

  • At Metolius Tea, we think of chai as much more than a sweet, flavorful drink. We think of it as a conversation--about history, culture, quality, and values.

    Although tea is a symbol of peace, it has actually been associated with some of the most egregious human rights abuses in history. Enter chai. During the British colonial era, the British enslaved the people of India to work on large tea plantations. The conditions were miserable. While the British profited globally from the forced labor, they wondered how they could increase sales on the continent. They launched a large advertising campaign to the Indian people and started providing tea to workers during breaks.

    Indians did eventually embrace tea, albeit on their own terms. The British gawked at the preparation—at that time in England, it was illegal to blend or mix tea leaves with any other plants or substances—anything beyond a little cream and sugar was considered adulteration. But Indians made it their own beverage, chai: a milky sweet pick-me-up with herbs and spices that are both delicious and medicinal. Over one hundred years later, chai has spread around the world.

    While many people are misinformed and believe that chai is an ancient Indian tradition, we find its true history much more compelling: chai is a product of colonialism, resistance, and creative adaptation.

    So, for us at Metolius Tea, the way we think about chai in our little Tea Factory is connected to how we want to participate in the larger story of humanity. For example, we do not brew or sell chai in a way that apes Indian culture for our own profit. We do not buy ingredients from plantations that abuse agricultural workers. Instead, the quality of our chai reflects our passion for working with small organic farms around the world, supporting sustainable local economies and promoting healthy ecosystems. We aim for a completely empowered supply chain, from farm to cup, in which everyone is nourished along the way.