WS Iced Black & Gold

WS Iced Black & Gold


Richly caffeinated leaf and bud black tea with chocolatey notes characteristic of the most select Yunnan harvests.


12 Gallon Iced Tea Sachets


1 Sachet makes about 16 glasses of refreshing iced tea :)

  • The Instant Way:

    • add one sachet to a 1 gallon heat safe container
    • pour 1/3 gallon of 200 degree water over sachet
    • cover and steep 4 minutes
    • add 2/3 gallon cold water
    • remove sachet
    • serve over ice, enjoy!

    To maximize flavor and smoothness, try cold brewing overnight:

    • add one sachet to a 1 gallon container
    • fill jar to top with cold filtered water
    • cover with tight fitting lid
    • refrigerate for about 8 hours (when we do this at home we never time it.  We simply pop it in the fridge sometime in the evening and take the teabag out sometime the next day. Cold brew is very forgiving)
    • Take the teabag out and serve over ice
    • Enjoy!