Iced Tea 5 Pack

Iced Tea 5 Pack

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Jump into summer by serving iced Metolius Tea with all your friends and family. Iced Tea 5-Pack includes a one gallon iced tea sachet of each of our iced tea offerings:


1X - Black & Gold

1X - Earl Grey

1X - Green & Mint

1X - Sweet Bee

1X - Cinnamon Hibiscus

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  • Easy and delicious, quickly brew a full gallon of tea with boiling water, let cool and serve over ice:

    • 5 grams (about 2 tablespoons)
    • 16 oz of 212 degree water
    • steep 4 minutes
    • allow several minutes to cool (if able)
    • server over ice
  • To maximize flavor, try cold brewing overnight:

    • measure 5 grams (about 2 tablespoons) and place loose in 16 oz jar
    • fill jar to top with cold filtered water
    • cover with tight fitting lid
    • refrigerate for about 8 hours (when we do this at home we never time our cold brews.  We simply pop them in the fridge sometime in the evening and strain them out sometime the next day. Cold brew is very forgiving)
    • When your cold brew is ready, filter the leaves through a fine mesh strainer.
    • Enjoy!