Our Story

Metolius Artisan Tea designs and hand-blends beautiful teas in small batches. We work with farmers who further our vision for economic, environmental, and social justice. From our workshop in Bend, Oregon, we aim to be the most respected wholesaler and online retailer of organic teas.

Amy, Metolius Tea’s founder, began her tea journey not in British parlours or at the tea tables of Chinese tea masters, but in the forests, rivers, and deserts of Oregon’s rich and diverse landscapes. Metolius Tea was born the day we designed our Earl Grey. While Amy had been studying herbalism and honing her skills as a tea maker, she had begun to notice the conspicuous absence of a well crafted, quality earl grey. Since she couldn’t find it, she had to make it: hand-picked leaf and bud black tea, bergamot essential oil, Madagascar vanilla bean, and bright, beautiful bachelor’s buttons - all farm direct from small production farmers. We have been developing farm direct relationships and designing beautiful teas ever since.