Spring 2017 Collection

Spring 2017 Collection


Our Spring Collection celebrates the Metolius River Spring. It is filled with new buds, spring harvested teas, herbs from our riverside apothecary, and one special story about courageous women and their revolutionary gardens.

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A commemorative blend of chamomile, lavender, mint, fennel, and violet leaf, herbs women once grew for Liberty Tea in the years preceding the American Revolution. Please look for our newsletter and blog next month to learn more about Penelope and the story behind this tea.

Queen Bee

Long, thin green tea buds, hand-picked and expertly processed from the lush high mountains of Southern China, hand-rolled jasmine dragon pearls, double the amount of beautiful locally grown lavender, and double the amount of pure Madagascar vanilla bean

BirdSong Chai

Our non-traditional white tea chai uplifts with floral notes, surprises with star anise, and warms the heart with chai spices.


A concoction of root herbs traditionally used as bitter tonics including dandelion, burdock, and oregon grape root.  Most of these herbs grow in our region.  Excellent for “spring cleaning” the body.


Hibiscus, lemongrass, and jasmine bloom with Taiwanese oolong over multiple infusions to celebrate our long awaited return of the sunshine.

Strawberry Lemongrass

A bright, fresh blend of lemongrass, hibiscus, and strawberries