Earl Grey Red

Earl Grey Red

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Smooth, citrusy, and bright, South African rooibos pairs well with Italian bergamot for a non-caffeinated Earl Grey experience.


  • 5 grams (about a heaping tablespoon)

  • 16 oz boiled water

  • 5+ minutes

  • Re-steep


South African rooibos, elder flowers, chrysanthemum blossoms, bachelor's buttons, genuine farm-direct Italian bergamot, and pure Madagascar vanilla bean.

Our ingredients are grown clean, whether or not certified organic.  We never use "natural" or artificial synthetic flavoring.


You may have noticed rooibos teas are touted to cure the world of every stomach ache, every cough, every extra pound, every new wrinkle, and every bad day. We wouldn't go that far, but we are confident rooibos delivers some antioxidant benefits, a healthy dose of fluoride and copper, and gentle regulation of blood sugar

Bergamot essential oil is proven to relieve anxiety. While many tea and perfume makers substitute synthetic bergamot, which has no medicinal value, Metolius Tea uses only pure organic bergamot essential oil.


goat cheese, fig, chicken

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